Review: DVDLocker Poppin’

Now I know what your thinking Poppin’HOT

I’ll explain, I’m not a vaine person or someone who loves themselves think of me like a tub of pringles you know when you dig that flavour you love so much! Yeah that’s it! And it’s Poppn’ full of flavour yeah!? Great! Now just replace Pringles with everything else then we should be on the same “wave length” or almost at least…!

Now you get the whole Poppin’ I only put what i absolute love or want to waffle about in my blog simple as right? So how this works when I find something that makes me Pop 😉 get it? I write about it so others can go figure, discover and see what it’s all about pretty straight forward ain’t it when you know 🙂

I’m gonna kick this off with a NEW Monthly subscriptionbox. Now before you say it no it’s not another shaving, beauty, teabag argh! Or even a drinks box it’s something I think is a little different I like different don’t you? Anyway before I ramble on.. what am I talking about? 

They are called DVDLocker and they are a monthly Movie subscription and no no before you say they aren’t no rental company neither – you keep everything they send you how nice of them so clear out your shelves sisters and brothers your movies are about to get some serious BEEFING (not sure if that’s a word but beefing=bulk) yeah we’ll keep this! 

Next I’ll answer a few questions about DVDLocker as best as I can anyway.. 

WHO: DVDLocker –

PRICE: Starts from 5.99 per month NO CONTRACT

WHAT: You signup, create an account and their “MovieExperts” will tailor a film to your needs, likes and wants it’s like a date but without Tinder oh and of course with a film :/ yeah thinking about it not my best example **moving on**

POPPIN’: I sure am Poppin’ this company right now I brought their 2 DVD package and filled out their questionnaire to match me and my date (movie) within less than 24hrs a match had been found, omg omg panic stations, but without any need todo anything I logged on and was chuffed with the movies they picked for me which were Hereditary and “Us” I was happy with these titles and excited to receive them through the door for the small price I paid how could I have these new and ish titles!? They are good! Let’s skip a day or so… got my films on time (always good like a punctual film like I like my so called ‘dates”) watched them and logged in to rate my choices can’t wait for my next months instalment! And here’s a nice little picture I took to show you all I forgot I also got popcorn I loveeeeeeee the CORN! 

DVDLocker Movie Subscription

My Poppin’ Score: 8/10 lovely to see a different type of susbcription love the fact I KEEP the movies (evil laugh) and can cancel anytime and hey actually pretty damn good value all round! Well done DVDLocker! 

Thanks for Reading stay tuned for another blog soon.. Get Poppin’HOT



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